As we know, the analytical instrumentation in calibrated
and must be checked against certified standard
samples (CRM); this is the only way to verify that it is
functioning properly. We can divide the standard into the
following categories: certified reference material (CRM)
or reference material (RM) supported with certification of
analysis and homogeneity with guaranteed surfaces and
thickness giving a true calibration. Setting up sample
(SUS), supplied with a certificate of approximate analysis
but with guaranteed surfaces and thickness, therefore
true for the daily recalibration. It is therefore the
combination of the sample of calibration and
recalibration to establish the proper functioning of the
spectrometer. Ori is able to recommend and supplied
you with the best certified samples of recalibration,
features in every resister and alloy:

    Ferrous Materials
  • Steel: high alloys and low alloys rapid.
  • Cast iron: high alloys and low alloys , nodular, grey
    and complex.

  • Austentics: stainless, highly tied up and low Ni.

    Non Ferrous Materials
  • Copper Alloy: pure, alloy, bronze, brass
  • Aluminium Alloy: pure, AlSiCu, AlSi, AlCu, AlMg,
    AlZn, AlMn and others

  • Nickel Alloy and pure
  • Lead Alloy and pure
  • Tin Alloy and pure
  • Cobalt Alloy
  • Titanium Alloy
  • Zinc Alloy
  • Zirconium Alloy
  • Magnesium Alloy

Other available samples on request.