The birth of the idea

ORI (Optical Research and Innovation) was created by a team of technicians with over 10 years' experience in the field of analytical apparatus. Dissatisfied with the complex, unpractical instruments available to them, they worked towards creating advanced, user friendly technology that was both precise and reliable. Strong ideas have allowed us to produce high performance, user friendly, analytical instruments and ongoing research allows us to develop and maximise new projects, products, applications and services.

Incentives and challenges

Experience gained from working closely with the clients has allowed us to apply technical solutions, based on their needs, seeing every problem as an opportunity to satisfy the customer. Working towards such a weighty ambition, professionalism, creativity and a deep technical knowledge are required in order to obtain a high quality result.

The first born

Six months after setting up, ORI was able to patent some components of particular importance and within the first year, ORI produced the first portable spectrometer using CCD technology. The portable spectrometer was given the name SMARTEST and has yet to fully demonstrate it's potential. It could be defined as the most adaptable tool for those who like to work in a fast and easy way. If you would like further information concerning SMARTEST, ORI will be happy to give you a full demonstration of it's capabilities.